Easter Fair 2015
Upcoming Services
08 March - Guild Anniversary
10:30 AMRev David Godfrey
6:30 PMAfter 8
11 March - Midweek Service
10:00 AMRev Ann Haith
15 March
10:30 AMRev Ann Haith
6:30 PMRev David Godfrey - Holy Communion

Upcoming Events
3rd2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Mr Ivan Martin
4th7:30 PMWomen's Circle: Being a Games Maker - Sue Baldock
4th7:30 PMCell Group (Wed): Fasting
5th7:30 PMCell Group (Thurs): Theme - The Life of Peter
9th7:30 PMWesley Guild: Guild Weekend - Rev Hazel Hanson
10th2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Mr Peter Braithwaite
16th7:30 PMWesley Guild: Mr Clive Goodhead and Friend
17th2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Mrs Lydia Harrison

Coffee Cup Prayer
Lord, be with us during this time of Lent, as we prepare to celebrate Easter with you. Amen