Upcoming Services
11 October - Church Anniversary
10:30 AMRev Leslie Newton
6:30 PMRev Hazel Hanson
14 October - Midweek Service
10:00 AMBryan Haith
18 October
10:30 AMWilliam Swires
6:30 PMRev Leslie Newton

Upcoming Events
12th7:30 PMWesley Guild: Rev Ann Haith
13th2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Merrybanks
19th7:30 PMWesley Guild: Age UK - Mrs Sally Hutchinson
20th2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Mrs M Daniels
26th7:30 PMWesley Guild: Tadcaster Choir
27th2:00 PMFriendly Hour: Mr Steven Redman

Coffee Cup Prayer
Let us pray for our young people preparing for a new school term, and those who are leaving home for the first time.  AMEN.